About Us

Our story

Antique Boutique is an extended arm of a Pushkar based silver jewelry business, which is running since the 1990s. In year 2002, we opened "Antique Boutique" store in the same town. Our focus has always been on quality, new designs and different styles. This platform is an attempt at bringing out the unique vibes of Pushkar and spreading it to different corners of the world. Overtime, it has become a go-to store from where one can order almost everything from Pushkar. We sell a wide variety of jewelry, ranging from heavy sterling silver to exquisite designs in brass. We also cater to macrame jewelry, wooden artwork like wall-hangings, home decor items, etc. Our motto is to deliver the best to our customers all across the world at reasonable pricing.
which is managing by Suman where you can do all the silver business when you are in town. Another store is managing by Abi which have a big collection of so many different things including brass jewelry, macrame jewelry, wooden stuff, decor stuff and many more as you people can see our categories. We always love to serve the best to all people. Antique Boutique is here to take all the responsibility of your business transactions.